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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are critical to the success of your web site or online business.  SEO efforts can dramatically increase your site traffic by helping you show up higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results.  We recommend you follow our list of SEO best practices and purchase our Search Engine Visibility product to automate this vital online marketing function.


7 Step SEO Best Practices Tutorial Checklist

jRegister.com Search Engine Optimization

  • Utilize Google's Keyword Tool to identify a list of targeted keywords to develop SEO optimized content pages for.  There is a delicate balance between choosing high search traffic keywords and keywords of which you stand a chance of ranking highly for - some are so highly contested that it is better to target less competitive keywords.  It is also very important to choose keywords that will result in traffic that converts into sales.
  • Create a new page with unique high quality content for each of your targeted keywords.  Make sure that your targeted keyword is listed between the HTML <head> title tags, HTML <body> H1 tags, and in your <meta> description and keywords tags.  For example, the title of this page is "Search Engine Optimization", which is my targeted keyword.  Make sure that you do not spam the page with overuse of the keyword.  The keywords should show up a naturally in the content.  Overuse of your targeted keyword will result in poor results - Google is smarter than that.
  • Make best efforts to ensure all links into your site use search engine friendly URLs, title tags, and descriptive text to properly describe the content of your pages to search engines.  For example: <a href="http://jregister.com/search-engine-optimization" title="Search Engine Optimization">Search Engine Optimization</a>
  • Place your keywords inside the alt tags on all of your images For example:
    <img src="/images/seo.jpg" alt="
    Search Engine Optimization">
  • Set up a Google Webmaster Tools account.  Make sure you have verified the site, and have submitted an XML Sitemap and your Robots.txt.
  • Proactively build links from around the web that link into your site.  Google's PageRank ranking algorithm is famous for placing great value on the number of quality inbound links into a web site.  You should request and create links into your site using blogs, discussion boards, press releases, news and information articles, product and web site reviews, social networking and bookmarking applications, link exchanges, etc.
  • Now you're ready to submit your site to search engines.  There are a number of tools available around the web, including our industry leading Search Engine Visibility tool.  Take the jRegister.com Search Engine Visibility Product Tour


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jRegister.com Search Engine Optimization